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Rehab Addict is a home renovation and restoration television series that premiered on DIY Network in 2010 and later moved to HGTV. The show follows host Nicole Curtis as she renovates and restores historic homes in various neighborhoods in the United States.

As far as my knowledge cutoff date, April 2023, Rehab Addict has been filmed in several locations throughout the United States, including Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Akron, Ohio; and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The show often focuses on renovating older homes that have fallen into disrepair, with a particular emphasis on preserving historic features and architecture. The renovations typically involve a combination of cosmetic updates and structural repairs, and the show often highlights the challenges and rewards of restoring older homes to their former glory.

Rehab Addict has become a popular show among home renovation enthusiasts and has inspired many viewers to take on their own restoration projects.