Yes, methamphetamine will show up on a drug test. Methamphetamine can be detected in urine, blood, saliva, and hair samples for varying periods of time depending on the frequency and amount of use.

In urine, methamphetamine can typically be detected for up to 3-5 days after use, although heavy or chronic use may result in detection for up to a week or longer. Methamphetamine can be detected in blood for up to 24 hours after use, and in saliva for up to 1-3 days. In hair samples, methamphetamine can be detected for up to 90 days after use.

It is important to note that drug testing is often used as part of drug treatment programs, employment screening, or legal proceedings, and can have significant consequences for individuals who test positive. If you are concerned about methamphetamine use and the impact of drug testing on your life, it is recommended that you seek professional medical advice and support to address substance use disorders and any related health or social issues.